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CrossMedia Project

Historical reconstruction - Research - Resources and References.
3D Movies, 3D Virtual Tours,
3D pre-calc, Visuals for exhibitions.
Sharing and Social Media management

Historical 3D Solution

Historical Reconstructions

All fields, all ages.
Still or moving images.[...]

3D PRINT Solution

Institutions et Entreprises

Expo model.
Archi model.

3D Com Solution

Institutions and Enterprises

Welcome in companies.
Company Training.
Industrial projects.
Strategic Repositionning.
Educational projects.
New products.
Brand image.[...]

Archi 3D Solution

Architectural visualization

Real estate promotion..
Redevelopment - Rehabilitation.
Still or moving images. [...]

2D Com Solution

For the Print - For the Web

All kinds of documents.
Illustrations and Composition:
Creation, Advising, Catalogues, Flyers, Logo, Corporate Identity, Internal Documents, Cards, Photo Retouching, etc.[...]

Video Solution

Logical complement of 2D and 3D Creations

Animated Graphic Design.
Design, Editing, Special Effects, Conformation, etc.. [...]


1914 : Expo of Lyon in 3D computer graphics.

Some cultural organizations are content to use digital tools as simple explanatory signs. Museums Gadagne just had the good idea to go beyond the gadget to offer a new experience. The film lasts 13 minutes and you can admire the buildings and pavilions made ​​on the occasion of this great event ... Made by 3D studio LeMog, reconstruction CG is particularly successful. F.Deligia

It was the progress...

The Paris Expo 1900 reconstituted in CG.

...a fascinating work which can assess the exact fidelity with the documents available on the site. J.B.Roch

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