Laurent ANTOINE Lemog / Graphic Arts - World Expo ++

Professional Graphic Designer since 1986, this experience has allowed me to master all areas of the discipline, traditional illustration to 3D image synthesis, through video, web and model scale in volume.

Since 2006, I invested myself in many projects related to the EXPO theme.
This commitment is expressed mainly in the work of historical research and 3D reconstructions to communicate on universal and international expositions, of the past, present and future.

To do this, I collected personally true archives about EXPOS focused especially on iconography. It allows me to both operating under 3D reconstructions, but also provide a basis for writing historical articles diffused through various media..

The information and articles are also used on the web in the form of different websites, blogs, and social networks. The sites are mainly reserved for background informations, blogs, meanwhile, are ideal media for disseminating information straight. The visitor loyalty through regular articles, they offer true interactivity and greater online visibility.

I currently manage several blogs of this type (Lemog3d, Milano Expo 2015, Expo 2020 Dubai, ...). I disseminates news on bids for future Expos and the Expos in general. These informations are interspersed with historical articles about past Expos and interests of participating countries. Weekly updates allow to have a steady stream of visitors to the blog and site, optimized online presence and a good SEO.

Since the beginning of this specialization "World Expo" I had the pleasure of working, among others, with : Le Grand Palais - La Réunion des Musées Nationaux - La Mairie de Paris - Les Archives nationales - Le Musée des Avelines de Saint-Cloud - Le Musée de la Batellerie de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine - Le Musée Antoine Vivenel de Compiègne - Le Bureau International des Expositions - Le Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art du Luxembourg - La Bibliothèque de la Cité des Sciences de Paris - ARTE - FRANCE3 - Le MAMAC de Liège (Expo2017) - Expo 2017 Astana - Expo 2012 Yeosu - Musées Gadagne de Lyon - ...

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Graphic Arts

The story of a passion for image...

The story began on the day when a child took a pencil. For the sake of giving life to his thoughts and desires, he never stopped to fill his sketchbooks, and margins of his notebooks.

After some rather "technical" studies, it is always the Graphic Arts that fascinate the boy older, so it was in a publishing house where he will make his debut as a traditional illustrator. We are in 1986 and the following year, the young man can "finally" try first systems of desktop publishing on PC and MAC.

At this time,we are still far from softwares we use today, but a new passion was born with these new tools. From this point, the evolution of the profession, will be done very quickly, fast-paced advances in information technology, the rise of the materials, and the arrival of the Internet . This ranges from illustration to video editing, to desktop publishing or web site creation.

Not enough to rest on its laurels, in 1997 with the discovery of the first software-performance 3D image synthesis, which allow to renew the pleasures, and above all, to push even further the scope of investigation of the greedy image I've always been.

No limit to creativity ... if the image is a passion, it is also a need !

After 23 years in the corporate publishing world, I chose to live my passions by becoming fully independent artist in 2010.

If my current work revolves mainly around 3D reconstructions computer images, I continue to provide my services to traditional communication: Print, Web, Photo, Video, 3D still or moving, Multimedia...


World Expo ++

The story of a passion for the Expos...

This is the great interest in the creation of images, which is the origin of this new passion for World Expos.

It all started in late 2005, when I realized a 3D composition, like illustrators visionary in the second half of the nineteenth century, with their incredible flying machines, expected in this visual, the return on earth in the middle of the Paris Expo 1900. To add a bit of truth to all, I documented quite precisely on the event, I knew as everybody about this Expo, but I never imagined, in detail, how it could be rich and huge. The more I saw, the more I wanted to find out more !

After an already rich experience in creating 3D image, appear to my eyes, the prospect of an "ultimate project", conbination of all my passions: "the 3D reconstruction of the entire World Expo 1900 of Paris. "After an initial document search and a feasibility study, I threw heart and soul into this project in early 2006.

Noticed in 2008 by the "Réunion des Musées Nationaux", the first project participated prominently in an exhibition at the Conciergerie "Paris et ses Expositions universelles".

This first part will be a "snowball" effect, many institutions realizing the public interest in these animated 3D reconstructions in color.

Since then, the collaborations have succeeded at a good pace, allowing me to broaden the scope of this passion to other French Expositions universelles, and those around the world, thanks to the many projects that have followed, with many museums, the bid Committees for future Expos or the Bureau International des Expositions.

Alongside this activity of 3D reconstruction, I could enrich my archives, which now include all the World Expos, from 1851 to today. It allows me to work on many types of projects, paper publications and online, especially through social networks...

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